While most people hear the word “Prohibition” and immediately think of Al Capone or Chicago, Canada had an equally robust and notorious history that seldom gets the same attention. “Rum Row” is an art print that pays homage to this nations rumrunning history, highlighting one ship in particular: Malahat.

Built in 1917 in Victoria, B.C., the 5-masted schooner began and ended its career, in 1944, as a lumber schooner. But it was the ships role, between 1920 and 1933, that earned it the nickname “The Queen Of Rum Row”.  According to the Vancouver Maritime Museum, Malahat is said to have delivered more contraband liquor than any other Canadian ship of its day.

This art print is a digital reproduction of the original ink-on-paper illustration which was then “flat coloured” using digital technology, to mimic a retro screenprinted effect. Each print is individually bagged and boarded and is shipped in a sturdy mailer.