Big Game is a prehistoric parody of a famous 1937 poster designed by illustrator Tom Hall. This striking new print pays homage to the golden era of Canadian railway tourism. But it also has dinosaurs, so there’s a slight chance it might not be 100% historically accurate.

In 1885, following the completion of the cross country Canadian-Pacific Railway, the company’s next big question was how the hell would they generate traffic on their new railway line?

Their answer became one of the most innovative and influential ad campaigns in this country’s history. Late 19th century and early 20th century tourism highlighted  the wonders of the great outdoors and adventures in the wild—a trend CP Railway was in a prime position to capitalize on.

Over the next few decades, Canadian-Pacific would commission numerous Canadian illustrators to design thousands of travel and tourism posters. Their bold marketing efforts not only helped the new direction of Canadian tourism to thrive, but also helped create our country’s identity as an iconic wilderness wonderland.