My first Comicon on the road

As long as I’ve been doing the C4 Convention here in Winnipeg, I’ve dreamt about traveling to different conventions and seeing different cities. It’s always flattering and encouraging to meet people who connect with your art and dig your style. There’s nothing that makes me want to keep going, more than that. Earlier this year, [...]

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WILDMINDS b-movie film fest!

I had a fucking blast this last weekend selling art, drawing sketches and watching movies at WILDMINDS B-Movie FilmFest at the Park Theatre. I'd like to thank Holly for having the vision to create such an awesome event and to involve the people that she did! B-Movies have always been an influence on my art, [...]

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C4 Central Canada Comic Con 2013

I cannot believe what a great fucking time I had at C4 - Central Canada Comic Con this weekend. I have so many people that came through for me in order for my weekend to go as good/sexy as it is did, and I cannot thank you enough. Vantage Studios & Print Shop for doing the beautiful posters, [...]

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