I cannot believe what a great fucking time I had at C4 – Central Canada Comic Con this weekend. I have so many people that came through for me in order for my weekend to go as good/sexy as it is did, and I cannot thank you enough.

Vantage Studios & Print Shop for doing the beautiful posters, greeting cards, magnets and postcards.

Beyond the Press Print Apparel Inc., for tearing through the shirt order I gave them in record time AND DROPPING THEM OFF AT THE CONVENTION CENTER FOR ME! I would not have had a fashion show if it wasn’t for you guys.

TheDefiant Scribbler for MC-ing the fashion show and keeping people entertained while I ran around like a madman trying my best not to curl up in the fetal position.

The Foxy Shoppe, for helping me make the fashion show as sexy as possible. It was a an absolute pleasure working with you lovely ladies and seeing some of you rock my threads.

Miss Angela La Muse Burlesque for doing a BANGING burlesque performance at said fashion show, and for helping out at my booth during the weekend!

Courtney Weddall, for bringing your fucking A-game to Winnipeg this past weekend. Your setup was so good that it made mine look even better. And you rocked the fashion show also. You’re the best fucking helper that I could ask for, alongside Janelle Desrosiers.

Anyone dating an artist knows how badly we procrastinate, how manic and disorganized we can be, and how pissy we can get when things don’t go exactly our way. Janelle, thank you so much for putting up with me, teaching me to roll with the punches, and for designing the awesome fucking display and branding that EVERYONE has been talking about. I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Also, all my fucking friends that came out to say hi. You guys fucking rock and we should go for beers soon.

There’s still a ton more people that I want to mention and thank for making my weekend as great as it was. I probably will, in a few different posts today, along with a bunch of photos I’ll be posting.

I’m still the one drawing the dinosaurs or zombies or whatever the fuck, but it means nothing without an audience that loves what I do, or without people that are willing to help me out behind the scenes. You have no idea how much it means to have all you motherfuckers in my life supporting me. You inspire me to give you so much more than I have been.

This is just the beginning.