THE LAST THREE Chances to buy 3d prints from me for the foreseeable future! One of my biggest hits at in-person conventions, and for a hundred bucks you can buy enough artwork to make an entire 3D gallery in your very own home! This is the last time you will see these prints for the foreseeable future. Each bundle comes with one pair of 3D anaglyph glasses

Each bundle includes:

T-Rex 12×18″

Triceratops 12×18″

Tylosaur 12×18″

Bears Invade 12×18″

Polar Bears Invade 12×18″

Bears Invade the Coast (colour version) 12×18″

Bears Invade the Coast (B&W version) 12×18″

The Phantom Phallus Of Phranklin Manor 12×18″

Theatre Mishap 8×10″

PLUS the NEVER BEFORE PRINTED Jack Timber 3D 12×18″


plus bonus Snitch or Siren print!