Product Description

“When Big Bears Invade could quite possibly be the greatest Canadian book ever published. Author Alexander Finbow answers the often asked question of just what will happen when Canada’s bears decide they’ve had enough of humanity’s wanton destruction of their country. Their response involves giant sized retribution as Canada’s most beloved cities and resources are laid to waste by vengeful behemoth bears using the best of Canada against itself. This possibly true story is brought to life by beautiful illustrations from Winnipeg illustrator Nyco Rudolph, the only man in Canada with the imagination vivid enough to translate this terrifying tale of apocalyptic doom, via curling and poutine, to life.”

Hardcover, 32 pages.

In celebration of the book release, a series of vintage travel posters were designed. Featuring artwork from the book, each 8×10″ print features Canada’s Big Bears destroying Canada in the most Canadian ways possible.